• an experimental journey, the unknown becoming known

    lisa love jamieson ART

  • wisteriousness

    100 x 127 cm

    together we stand

    35 x 55 cm

    what the eye sees

    100 x 100 cm

    branching out

    looking out

    100 x 127 cm


    90 x 127 cm


    languidly lounging


    lady in blue


    fishy tail


    crossing over

    man inside man

    the storm

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    Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa
  • About Me

    I started painting in September 2014. I joined a group of casual artists, with a great teacher, Avital Lang. She encouraged me to just paint, to express myself. She told me there are no rights or wrongs, just a creative expression. She asked what medium I would like to start with, my choice was immediate – oils on canvas. I love the flexibility of oils, mixing colours and adding texture, creating dimension. The texture adds a vibrant feeling, a picture that is alive. The actual process of painting brings on a meditative feeling, a creative meditation.

    I do very little planning, just going with the flow. I draw inspiration from other artists.


    My first was a small oil on board, a monk walking in the rain, my inspiration being that we had Tibetan Buddhist Monks staying at our home while they did the Sand Mandala at the Waterfront in Cape Town. It was small in size, a safe way to start I thought. My next two canvases were large, which I hung at Origins Coffee Shop, I sold both! One to Charlize Theron’s hair-stylist – Enzo Angileri (she was in the country shooting a movie). A great boost in confidence for me. I have continued to sell privately through friends & have also had exhibitions at Café Neo in Mouille Point, at Youngblood Gallery & several smaller galleries.

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